‘Bargain Bundles’ is a marketing company that focuses on promoting within the local community.

We primarily began as a 1,000 leaflet distribution service in bright coloured bags, but have since progressed to designing, printing and distributing 6000 A5 booklets of 24 pages, directly to target markets in local areas.

Supporting your Business

The driving force behind ‘Bargain Bundles’ is to achieve the best for YOUR business!

We strive to offer you excellent, affordable service across a variety of social medias.

We offer EXCLUSIVE advertising:

Only one of each kind of business will be promoted per group.

To reach your target market is so very important. A lot of advertising money can be spent to reach your target market in a blanket distribution and you may not reach many of the people you are actually targeting. At ‘Bargain Bundles’ we go right to your target market – families in your local community!

Attract extra customers to your business by offering an incentive!

Everybody loves a bargain, and if people are satisfied with the service they will come back to use your services again and best of all, give ‘word of mouth’ advertising.

This is, as you will agree, is the best advertising anyone can offer. The best way to primarily get these people to your website or door is to offer them a great incentive/discount or an offer too good to refuse!

‘Bargain Bundles’ requires discounted promotional material to be placed in the booklet. When people receive the ‘Bargain Bundles’ booklet they know up-front that discounts are given and thus are more likely to keep hold of the booklet or pass it onto someone who can use the discount.

We distribute your informative advertising material outlining what you feel makes YOUR Company or product stand out from the rest!! The more information about your product the better. We want to attract people’s attention!! Our booklets are professionally graphically designed and printed and distributed free to your target market. You will also receive website promotion on www.bargainbundles.com.au and facebook promotion on www.facebook.com/BargainBundles.

About Lyn and the evolution of Bargain Bundles

Lyn realised that blanket advertising rarely reached the right demographic and that for small businesses in particular, traditional advertising methods like mail box drops and newspaper advertising sometimes became too expensive with very few results.

Lyn created ‘Bargain Bundles’ to target a specific demographic through the distribution of booklets targeted directly to families. By sending out an attractive, good quality booklet containing relevant information for families, your advertisement will be seen by your target audience.  As only one business of each kind is promoted in your area of the booklet the reader is given an incentive to use your business over others in your area.  Lyn researches her local market, and creates groups of products to suit the needs of both her advertisers and their clients so that everyone is happy.

‘Bargain Bundles’ is all about facilitating the right demographic with the right products and services for the needs of that community.